If you're wondering how  this all came about - I'll tell you the story.

I've been baking all my life, I learnt at my Mum's knee, she was well known for her delicious baking, and she learnt from my Gran, a cook in an upmarket London hotel - and her German step-Dad who ran the bakery.

As children we learnt to appreciate quality and flavour - we ate exactly what our parents ate!  We weren't flush as both Mum and Dad had served in the RAF during WW2, but they firmly believed in "giving the youngsters a good constitution" and so we enjoyed what was local, fresh, in-season  ... and utterly mouthwatering!

Having always been taught to look out for the tastiest varieties of veg I started growing my own and my allotment supplied us with veg for several years – until I was unable to work it any longer and  gratefully relied on our wonderful British Farmers to supply our needs.  Our appreciation of the characteristics of named varieties of veg led me to wonder about wheat varieties and how they may alter the flavour and texture of the bread I had been making for years – I realized I just bought “flour” without any idea of what wheat had produced it

… and then, I can't remember how, I heard about home grain mills and bought my Komo Fidibus XL.

O boy, our bread took on a new quality, honestly we were blown away, we'd never tasted such a difference before!

And so the love affair began, I started experimenting with different varieties of wheats and other grains and found that each had its own character - and that British wheat makes great tasting bread - and my friends all agreed!

I was finding it difficult to source different, named varieties of wheat for milling, and when a friend wanted a mill too, the idea was born to start a shop ... and along came The Grain Sheaf dedicated to:

  • supplying and milling the best quality and widest named varieties of British grown grains, seeds and pulses, organic where possible;
  • supplying the finest grain mills and flakers to the home and artisan baker
  • promoting and supporting our own British farmers
  • promoting the public awareness of the qualities of known variety grains and vegetable products
  • spreading knowledge of the added health benefits of fresh milling grains
  • the enjoyment of the amazing difference fresh milling makes to the flavour of bakes

Single variety British wheat bread may not always have the same texture that we've become used to - but then again just look at the label in the supermarket that says there's "nowt taken out" and see what's put in!!!

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